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When it comes to creating a modern and luxurious look for your home, INICIO Windows + Doors is the perfect solution. Our aluminum window and door collection is not only stunning by design, but are also built with architecturally enhanced frame designs, making them ideal for a statement in any new construction or remodel project.

With their sleek lines and innovative design, these windows and doors provide both style and functionality, creating an excellent investment for any homeowner.

Fully Customizable to Any Space

INICIO Windows + Doors understands that when it comes to designing the perfect space, flexibility is key. That’s why our aluminum windows and doors can be fully customized to suit individual wants and needs.

From choosing the right color, fitting specific design taste, and selecting the ideal options to suit the surroundings, we’ll work closely with you to create the perfect window and door package to reflect the homeowner’s style.

Aluminum Products Offered

Direct Glazed Windows

INICIO Windows + Doors offers innovative aluminum direct glazed windows that can be customized to meet specific visions.

Large expanses of glass for maximum views with
numerous configurations and sizes available.

Low E2 and Low E3

Casement + Awning Windows

Experience the seamless blend of style and durability with our modern aluminum casement windows, designed to elevate your living space while offering unmatched functionality.

Crank Out
Sleek and Modern Form
Numerous Sizes and Configurations Available

Concealed Multi-Point Lock System
One Locking Lever to Engage or Disengage Locks

Low E2 and Low E3

Lift + Slide Doors

For those who want to achieve a contemporary look and increase the natural light within their home, aluminum lift and slide doors are a perfect solution.

Large expanses of glass are available in numerous
configurations and sizes to provide maximum views.

Flush Handles
Multi-Point Lock

Low E2 and Low E3

Swing Doors

INICIO Windows + Doors offer a wide range of customized aluminum swing doors.

1 and 2 panel units,
Inswing and outswing,
Unequal Panel Widths

Narrow Design for Unobstructed Views

Low E2 and Low E3

Finishes + Glass Options

INICIO Aluminum Windows + Doors offer three standard colors (black, black textured, and silver). Additionally, we offer the flexibility to use one of our four Premium Colors (Bronze, White, Gunmetal, White Textured).

Also, upon request, we offer RAL finish colors to provide a wide range of color options, allowing home owners and designers to customize the appearance of their spaces.

INICIO Windows + Doors offer an array of glass options, including those that allow for more light and energy efficiency.

Standard Colors


Textured Black


Premium Colors




Aluminum Window + Door Gallery

Get inspired by our Aluminum Gallery

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