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Steel FAQ

What is the maximum size achievable for INICIO Steel Windows + Doors?
INICIO Steel windows and doors are custom manufactured based on specific project requirements. Steel windows are frequently selected for their capacity to fill expansive openings while maintaining narrow sightlines. Thanks to the inherent strength of steel, these windows and doors can be constructed even larger than conventional alternatives.
How does the life cycle of steel windows and doors compare to aluminum, wood, fiberglass or vinyl windows and doors?
Boasting unrivaled durability, steel windows and doors outperform all other materials – including aluminum, fiberglass, wood, or vinyl – in terms of lifespan and performance.
How are INICIO Steel Windows + Doors finished?
INICIO Windows + Doors are expertly finished using an advanced powder coating process. This technique meticulously bakes the finish onto the steel, ensuring a vibrant and long-lasting aesthetic appeal.
What kind of steel is used to build INICIO Steel Windows + Doors?
INICIO Steel Windows + Doors are crafted from cold-rolled steel, a material celebrated for its structural integrity and clean lines. Further enhancing its performance, the steel is thermally broken to bolster energy efficiency, making our products not only aesthetically pleasing but environmentally considerate too.
What is included in the INICIO Steel Window + Door warranty?

INICIO Steel Window + Door warranty is comprehensive and designed to give you peace of mind. It includes a 10-year coverage on manufacturing defects, ensuring the structural integrity of your product. The finish, carefully applied for maximum durability and aesthetics, also comes with a 10-year guarantee. Glass components are covered for 10 years, reflecting our confidence in their quality and resilience. Hardware is guaranteed for 5 years, . For a more detailed information, we encourage you to visit our warranty page.

What variety of products are offered in the INICIO Steel Window + Door product line?
Our Steel Window and door product line includes elegant Hinged Doors, innovative Pivot Doors, space-saving Lift & Slide Doors, and versatile Bi-Fold Doors. The window range covers everything from classic Casements and Awnings to practical Hoppers and sophisticated Tilt-Turn designs. We also offer Pivot Windows for a unique touch, and Fixed Windows. Each product is crafted with precision and care to ensure it enhances the beauty and functionality of your space.”
What Does INICIO Mean?

INICIO is a latin word for INSPIRE and BEGINNINGS. INICIO Steel products help to inspire design, creativity and beauty by helping customers create a new beginning.

What finish options are available with INICIO Steel Windows + Doors?
Our steel products come in two distinct textures: the sleek, modern Smooth finish, and the richly detailed Textured finish. To further personalize your product, we provide a palette of five sophisticated colors. Choose from the pristine Signal White, the dramatic Signal Black, the deep Jet Black, the versatile Anthracite Grey, or the contemporary Black Grey. With these options, you can create a unique aesthetic that truly reflects your design vision.
What is the current lead time for INICIO Steel Windows + Doors?
TAt INICIO Steel Windows + Doors, we strive to ensure your product is crafted with the utmost precision and care. Currently, our lead time stands at 20-22 weeks from the moment your order is placed. This timeline allows us to pay attention to every detail, ensuring the highest quality output. Please note, this period commences once the quote has been reviewed, shop drawings have been approved and you’ve signed off on the project.
Is INICIO Steel Windows + Doors an independent window and door company?
NICIO Steel Windows + Doors is a proud member of the BMD Manufacturing family. While we operate with our own unique brand identity, we benefit from the expertise and resources of our parent company. BMD Manufacturing is also the powerhouse behind renowned brands like Glenview Exterior and Interior Doors, as well as Carriage House Doors. This connection enables us to leverage the best practices and innovative techniques from across the group, ensuring that every product we deliver is of the highest quality and meets our customers’ satisfaction.
Why should I choose INICIO Steel Windows + Doors for my project?
Choosing INICIO Steel Windows + Doors for your project means opting for an unparalleled level of quality and craftsmanship. Our windows and doors offer an ultra-premium fit and finish that can elevate any architectural design. Moreover, our parent company, BMD Manufacturing, comes with an impressive legacy of supplying top-notch building products to the trades for over 80 years, and specializing in windows and doors for 45 years. When you choose us, you’re not just choosing a product – you’re choosing a partner. We provide comprehensive support, including CAD services and installation and engineering expertise, ensuring your project has access to all the necessary resources. With INICIO, you’re investing in excellence, durability, and a seamless project execution.
Where are INICIO Steel Windows + Doors available for purchase?
INICIO Steel Windows + Doors are readily available through our network of dealer partners across various regions in the United States. To guide you to your nearest dealer, we kindly ask that you fill out a request form with your city and state details. Once received, we will promptly connect with you and provide tailored options for your convenience. We’re excited to help you bring the elegance of INICIO Steel Windows + Doors to your project.
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